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The live is very long, also short. You go ahead in a hurry on the trip of the live, no time to look around like powerful locomotive speeds away rapidly. When you arrive breathlessly at a transfer station and look yourself after long trudge over mountains, you suddenly find that you like the locomotive remains a few fuel after long running. The locomotive lacked fuel could be compensate again, but the people could not be so lucky as the locomotive. When you have to estimate roughly how long time you can run continually, the feel as "bitter sighing so much time passed" spontaneously catches you and very confused idea comes up involuntarily to your heart.

Like a lyric" the setting sun is belated love, the setting sun is unfinished affection", when the people reaches to the senectitude whatever he did more or less in the passed years, he always has many retrospect, yearns, solicitude. Enjoying the calm senectitude as the clear water, people always aftertaste the hullabaloo multifarious live passed, ponder immutable philosophy of the live value. At this moment, people may find sometime that he left many unfinished wish and regret regard to the friends, colleagues, and families, even many people unmet after he offered the obligation to the society. Maybe a part of the value of the old ages is to compensate these regrets. Just under the promotion of this hope, I am (don't laugh me, I am already 66 years old, it is true, not dummy.) Encouraged to find a stand in the network world which is essentially belong to the younger to finish the unfinished affection.
Caused by some haphazard chance and inevitable factors, I entered the philately of round world communication (let temporary call this name, since I did not find more suitable name after consult many authority composing of the philately)the vastness and multicolor world. I started to contact with the Chinese diplomatic, then the ambassadors, even the president of the nation or the head of the foreign government for the autograph on the special post card for souvenir. At the beginning I did not have the confidence to do it,only trying. But the result is surprising .98% of more than 200 ambassadors of China (including consulates) replied with autograph and different form like the autographing letter, donating the stamp (many of them are also philatelists), writing poems to express the opinion to encouraged me to complete this activity. Some of the ambassadors were so busy that their signora reply me for the husband. All the autographs, letters infiltrate the warm support of these outstanding diplomats for the philately and outpour their patriotic and homesick. All these affected and encouraged me to do the job and no regret for big expenses and energy (almost give up all rest time)
Among 100 post cards mailed to foreign presidents or head of the governments, 32 post cards of them were returned and 25 cards were autographed .The return rate is one third. Even though the return rate is not so high, but each card is full of abundant historical information. You could appreciate the expression of the friend affection of these celebrities and giants regard to the Chinese people, you could trace record of the whereabouts of the world round post go-come across the countries, you could also find the course local of the documents in the president palace. In the still of night, I often take it out, careful study and appreciate it. I tried to unscramble the affection of these outstanding person of the society and the autographers of the across countries and across cultures, to taste infinite charm of the philately, to explore and feel the inner world of the persons on top of the political and of the time from rare handwriting of the autograph, stamps and all kind of information.
With the years passed, face to the historical information increasingly precious, I often feel be pushed by a historical responsibility, I feel that I have the responsibility to introduce these collections to more wide people, specially to the younger of China, let it spreads more patriot passion in the posterity of Yan-Huang progenitor of china, let more people to study and enjoy the historical information of the philately, let more friend to join the range of the philately of around world communication.
After ruminate over, I decide to set up a website, the modern media.
Despite my computer level is not high, my English is poor, (most of the people like my ages probably learned Russia at younger ages. I taught myself English at 50 ages. Even with the help of my enthusiastic friend, the mistake is inevitable in my English website, kindly be noted that the content of the website is subject to Chinese.), But in order to never fail to these celebrity and bigwig who autographed for me, to complete a unfinished wish, I still decide to complete the website step by step within 3-5years (as long as God feeds me more fuel).
I would be greatly satisfied if my website could let the people of China as well as all Chinese round the world,especially the younger, feel proud to be a Chinese of the time, if my website attracted more foreign friends to be interested in China or some part of China.
In consideration of explore speed, many pictures have to be WinZiped and be explored by link up, I beg your pardon for the mistake in my website and waiting for your comment and guide. Many thanks.



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