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eng9-0 My German philatelic friend

It is for 6 years that friendship between I and my German philatelic friend (Let's call him Mr.Chilian. See eng2-002-1). There is many interesting story in our association. Because I am short of enough time, so I can't write these story at present. But I have received two significant mail today, I think I should show them for numerous philatelic friends early. So I will gradually show his important mail for everyone from now on. Those story will be leave later......

In order to let you more understand Mr.Chilian, below is a photo with him and his wife ( have got his agree)

Mr.Chilian lives in the famous German city - Munchen, But he prefers his native place--Germering, this is a townlet where is about 100 KM distant from Munchen. Only have a look below 2 photos, you will just understand why is this.
It really like an earthly fairyland! But more enough to make himself proud is the "New swan stone castle" where is a few kilometers distant from Germering, you could open this like to have a look it (eng-9-003 >>>>)
Now, let us look those post item sent by Mr.Chilian, Below is an entire cover
Above: A mail sent from WIEN on Aug.22,2003, arrived NANJING CHINA is on Sep.2.
Above: Same left
Above: A S.S. issued by Austria in 2003. Chinese "大熊猫"(giant panda) was printed on it Above: A stamp issued by Austria in 2003, Chinese "杜兰朵"(Turandot) was printed on it.
More mail will be shown later.......
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