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eng2-002-5 GERMANY chancellor KOHL in changing dynasties and his autograph reply(3)
    I am interested in two problems for the autograph postcard,one is the time of autograph,I hope to understand that the time is before the general election result is published or after? Because this is very important for exploring a famous person's psychological activity.
The yellow label in left is a registered mark stuck by German post

Above picture is a enlarged postcard. The yellow label in left is a registered mark stuck by German post, but have not data. Two length-squre mark is the check in mark of German chancellor building,the time is Sept.,1998. The reply letter with the autograph was sent on Oct.,1998. (There is a postal dater on the envelop) So we can calculate this mail staid about 35 days in Germany. The general election result was published on Sep.27, so the autograph time all is possible around the election. But I think the autograph time should be after the election result was published. Because according German work custom ( German diligence and strict time concept is accepted by the whole world ). After KOHL autographed, his office should not delay a long time. According this analyze,the autograph time should be at the first ten days of October 1998, just as he manage takecare cabinet.

This deductive result make me very moved. In that hard days when he must be mentally and physically exhausted and very busy, he has to self-examination the source of general election fail,and he also has to consider the remainder of his life and future of his following, he also process a large number of files and accomplish the hand over and take over of the power........I am difficult to suppose his feel when he held this postcard known nothing of the affairs of the day? But I believe that he will not blame me,Because I am a ordinary civilian and outsider from a distant nation. I suppose maybe he could remember that long history nation where he once visited 5 times. Because his push,the friendly relations between China and Germany come into a integrated development new stage.....and what he was also thinking? All will be a conjecture! But I believe that, besides a statesman bosom ,he must also have a common heart as a ordinary person, With good intention toward others,finding pleasure in helping others......He said:"I believe what they give me will absolutely not be despite when people look back former days". Yes,I seem to look for his aspirations from the small postcard. Maybe he made incalculability autograph in his life, but as so autograph for a Chinese ordinary civilian in the last 40 days, I think it is very little. It will be a evidence collateral as a famous statesmen moral character in be careful in the beginning and respectful in the ending and with all his mind and energy. It will be a rare philatelic information about Kohl's friendship for Chinese people. 

"Man can climb to the height summit,but he cannot dwell there long---Bernard Shaw"

"Man can climb to the height summit,but he cannot dwell there long---Bernard Shaw"

Five years has passed in a wink since 1998. As well as most recent statesman, KOHL have to leave the political arena cherished by him after he gone through his brilliant life. And the "political offer foundation" scandal and following one by one his wife self-murder affair, once and once again give him merciless hit. His heart pain is imaginable. When I browse several books,news,information about him , I can't help to recall above this wisdom of Bernard Shaw.

The history also will continue, Kohl's merits and demerits will be proofed by history. But one point may be confirmed that is his contribution for pushing the friendship between China and Germany . In August 1999, Kohl visited to China again in sixth time as Chinese old friend, Chinese leaders expressed warmly welcome for him and gave him a highly praise for his contribute for developing friendly relations between two countries and expressed appreciate for continuity of new cabinet about policy on China. Kohl said: " although I have left off the post, but I will continue all out for pushing the relations between two countries". We can believe that Kohl will come true his promise in the rest of his life. Respected Kohl, we sincerely wish you a happiness and goodness senectitude.

(2-002 The End. Dec.22,2002. First draft)


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