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eng2-001-7 Feeling again to Sihanouk


In 1998 autumn, the people and army of China gained the victory for fight flood, the people in disaster area were rebuilding the homestead. At the same time, our neighbouring country, CAMBODIA, just passed a political disturbance. Under the mediation of King SIHANOUK and world society, the leaders of People Party and FUNCINPEC Party, two main political forces in Cambodia, reached to the compromise and published the communiqu└ agreed the establishment of the unite government leaded by the premier Hun Sen and the parliament leaded by the prolocutor Ranariddh .King was satisfied for the result. The people of Camboda start their development on the way of national renaissance in the stable social environment after many years of the chaos caused by war.
King Sihanouk, 76 years old, played a irreplaceable role in the mediation of the political storm and support by the people. Many good news about Cambodia were reported in November.
To express my great appreciation to King for his reply to me, a small potato ,in the critical political situation, I sent a new year postcard (Chinese rabbit year) to King,. Because my french friend was very busy, I have to use my poor English. see below-left and below-right(Chinese original draft) 


Feeling again to Sihanouk
Feeling again to Sihanouk

Like everybody, I felt a bit intraphychic quietude after I sent the new year postcard for thanksgiving of King. It was my best effort to show my appreciation!
When I read the news reported that King SIHANOUK arrived BEIJING for routine health examination in Sep.14(1998).and other news about King's illness aggravated.(see below). I was so disappointed and regret that I was wondering if he could receive my blessing.

Feeling again to Sihanouk
Feeling again to Sihanouk

But, a unexpected thing came forth! In 20 Dec.,1998, I saw a letter inscribed " No15. Dongjiaominxiang BEIJING" when I opened my postbox. I opened in haste the envelop, a smaller envelop was included and printed, "Secretariat of His Majesty NOURODOM SIHANOUK 15,Dong jiao min xiang Beijing, P .R. of China" in top left corner .I cut carefully the envelop, a letter paper printed the mark of golden-yellow palace appeared, and I rapidly found that fluent, solemn signature. Ah! "SIHANOUK"! (See below)


a letter paper printed the mark of golden-yellow palace appeared, and I rapidly found that fluent, solemn signature. Ah! "SIHANOUK"!


The begin and end of the letter are in English, it is King's handwriting. The begin is" Mr.Han Wen guang Nanjing P.R.CHINA",the end is King's autograph and "Beijing, December 17,1998".The content is typed in French:
" A I'occasion de Noel(1998) et du Nouvel An (1999),Vous avez bien voulu m'offrir Vos meilleurs voeux.Je Vous en remercie de tout mon coeur.Veuillez accepter en retour les fervents voeux que je forme pour votre bonne sante, Votre longevite,Votre bonheur,Votre prosperite et le plein de toutes Vos nobles activites."



Taking this valuable letter of King to a Chinese, I looked to the north through the window, it seemed that I saw the King was smiling and waving his greeting to me. No, he was not waving his greeting only to me , even more to Chinese people of his second motherland. I strongly feel again that an active beating of his heart full of energy of a great person, King of 76 years old. Respected and beloved King, I sincerely wish you again to overcome serious illness for longevity, to stand as a mainstay for the cause of the development and your noble nation, to enhance friendship Sino-Cambodia and benefit later generations!

                      2-001-1 End Nov.24, 2002. First draft

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