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eng2-001-1 A brief of a postcard autographed by king Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia
A brief of a postcard autographed by king Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia


This is first postcard autographed by the head of state, a most treasure philatelic historical information among my collections. A severest floods hit China in 1998,the direct economic losses reached 255 billion R.M.B. International communities held out friendly support. On Aug.24,Chinese newspapers reported a news that Cambodia's king Sihanouk made personal donations to Chinese disaster area. On Sep.10, China Post urgently issued a set of stamps named "fighting the flood and rescuing disaster area". Taken this opportunity, I sent a postcard requesting autograph to King Sihanouk at that day. On Oct.7,1998. I received very luckily King's reply and his autograph. At that time, king was advanced age of 76, and Cambodia's political situation just was at a very critical moment. I was very moved for it.
The postmark of this postcard recorded the sending day 1998.9.10(the issuance day of the stamp "fighting a flood and rescuing disaster area" ) Other two stamps were to accord the international air post rate of 10.7 RMB. The stamp N24(3)"Cave Maiji mounting. West WEI dynasty. Buddha" (called the stamp of Red Buddha)and other normal stamp N23(8) also reflected the subject of "fighting a flood and rescuing disaster area" At both sides of the postcard,two postmarks of the destination recorded clearly the trip of the postcard,one is Phnom Penh Cambodge98.9.16, other is Siemreap Angkor Cambodge 98.9.22. With view of the sending date of King's reply,you could know the date and location of king's signature (these were very important to understand the special situation in front of King) (see eng2-001-6 ) King's signature is very fluency and sobriety,"Roi Du Cambodge"under the signature leads infinite miss and imagine


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