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The Parliament of India

"Identity of INDIA" series-2" (2004.10.29.)

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The Parliament of India

("Identity of INDIA" series-2)

Although India attain its freedom on 15th August 1947,its own constitution came in to force on 26th January

First parliament after first general election was metin above shown house of Parliament on 13 th May 1952. It was a day of proud when LOKSABHA & RAJYASABHA met to decide an agenda - for the Indian people, By the
Indian people.

Although the building shown on stamp was build in british era,it is used as "Indian parliament" since
indipendance of India & now it became an identity of India & its republic govrnance.

The stamp printed with golden colour on white paper is showing an Identity of India- "The Indian parliament".The stamp design shows inner view of central hall of Parliament,which is one of the magnificent domes of the world.This central hall is witness of transfer of power on 15th August 1947 & also everytime after general election In India.

this 4/- Rs. stamp was released on 13th May 2002 in celebration of Golden jubilee after first sitting. Stamps were issued in quantity of only 3 million stamps in form of 40 stamps per sheet.


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