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A special post cancellation mark


Editor's word: As our proposal, Indian philatelic friend Dr.Siraj will write some article to introduce about Indian philately for the web site. This is first piece. You could click here for browse the Chinese page if you are interested it. The E-mail of Dr.Siraj is:

This cancellation mark is available for only those postal articles, which are posted at 'Gandhi ashram post office of Ahmedabad,'- A world famous place of Mahatma gandhi's memorial.

As you know Mahatma gandhi is known as 'Father of our nation'.who played leading role for freedom of India. In memory of Gandhiji about 72 contries had released stamps & other philatelic meterials worldwide, which itself is record

This special cancellation mark shows CHARKHA. which is a two wheel mechanism on which thread can prepared
from row cotton,which is finally used to prepare KHADI- A typical variety of cotton cloth.

Khadi & charkha was very much liked by Gandhiji & he was believing that by involving people,specially of
village level, in khadi making activity on chby itself in itself.


Dr.Siraj hopes to get acquainted with more Chinese and worldwide philatelic friends and exchange new or cancelled stamps. If you are interested in it, please send a E-mail to (English)
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